Tahiti again 17:34.84S 149:37.13W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 12 Sep 2011 18:48
On return into Marina Taina just to the South of Papeette, having seen a mother and calf humpback whale under the boat just before we entered the pass, we see another boat with kids on board they look as 'wayward' as ours, must be British me thinks, and 'Yep', I'm on the money,  Locky just 7 and Mia 8 makes s/v Pegasus from Jersey a dream boat for the children. Colin who has been rarely ill during the past two years seems to have come down with Polynesian flu - us Europians having caused havoc with Polyenesian immune systems resulting in so many deaths during the 18 and 19 C appear to be having their revenge.
 Ridding ourselves of the kerfunked washing machine was an event,
                                                         but good to have the weight off the boat and the space for something else!
  Zin and Mia
Family snorkelling expedition to a sunken plane   
Through Locky Cosmo discovers 'Harry Potter' or rather he is now obsessed.  Locky proves to be a massive inspiration, he's already finished reading all the H.P books.  So school is made easy for a week or so with the insentive of making broom sticks and other paraphonalia with the altimate excitement of playing Quiditch on the trampoline all afternoon.  Z and Mia just pootle being alittle less 'OCD'  but having a near perfect time together.  Tearing them away isn't easy they even manage to get a couple more nights in the anchorage out of Colin.  Cosmo was horribly emotional the day we left Locky, its now a good six weeks later and each day there's talk of Locky,  His only comfort seems to be audio H.P brilliantly read by Steven Fry.
Two Harry Potters take to their brooms and play Quidittch all day
It has to be said also that I really have had my fill of daily trips to Carrefore and given I'm now worrying if we have enough anchovies for the next 6 months another visit is perhaps over indulgent.  Z and I take our final visit in to the frip and fabric shops in Pap's again to by a little more unneccessary bits of fabric and to say a wonderful farwell and give our lovely pearl shop friends a hug.  Chippy is gorgeaous and big hit with Z and so it seems visa vee as Z is given a pearl hair clasp,  in what other country in what other town would you a shop keeper give you pearls, and given all we've done is have a few holes drilled it's remarkable. 
We hired a car for a day and did a tour of the island starting with Point Venus where Cook landed to observe and record the eclijpse of venus.
  Memorial to Cook and the elipse of Venus
 HMS Bounty memorial
Not everyone saw the whole of the island
A marae with large stone Tiki   
  Back home to calm seas and sunsets