Day 2 - Jib repair 27:55.28N 16:02.89W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Wed 2 Dec 2009 21:37
Colin in England had handpicked his team. K as deputy in
case of Colin becoming ill, an experienced boat owner and cruiser in many
waters around the world.(!)
Led, sail trimmer. Also an experienced boat owner, having raced since
childhood. Ant,
the Scottish brains was given weather and Giles was given daily checks and
maintenance. The first morning Colin instructed Giles to fix the jib, which
was starting to fray against the forestay. Suddenly it dawned on Giles, this
was a serious job. Not just one to make him feel better. Somehow the jib had
a patch sewn into it and approval was given by Colin in the form of a nod,
before returning to the cockpit.
Relief, elation and shock was felt by the maintenance man.

Observation 3 - Music and dancing

Five people and one boat ensures a broad church in the area of music. Noise
polution is not too much of a worry here, so when the mood takes us the
volume tends to go up. As I write, K and Giles are having a 'warm down'
dance to 'Dancing Queen', whilst mournful songstresses and stadium rockers
all have their moment in the sun.