DAY10B 22:02S 170:13E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Thu 6 Jun 2013 06:05
Position 22:02S 170:13E on 6/6 @ 1600NZST

Warm weather, blue sky's, fluffy white clouds this is, if nothing else, a schizophrenic passage.

I think perhaps it has come really rather close to understanding what child birth is and this had been a very drawn out long painful delivery. Perhaps just maybe Vanuatu will have the effect of a new born on diminishing the pain almost instantly. I'm not convinced the Children will be that easily bought.

Our adrenaline is finally ebbing away and we are both left with feeling hugely wiped out. But we're now back to 5 hrs watches, suspect it will take about a week to really recover and recoup.

Now only about 12 hrs to go and all is peaceful. Boat looking in need of being put on an extreme wash cycle in the washing machine. Everything caked in salt or the residues of 20 layers of now discarded woollen garments.

The kids and I where hugely hearted last yesterday as we spied a huge whale on route north for his/her summer frolics and baby making. too old for that on our boat but it was so wonderful to see one of our buddies from the big oceans heading in the same direction, first time we've ever seen a whale on passage in the big wide ocean, hugely heartening.

So with P/Bc's glass now half full we're heading to, hopefully, a less dramatic chain of rich experiences.