World according to Cosmo II 8:35.96N 79:01.34W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 24 Jan 2011 00:42
Cosmo continues to delight with yet more ridiculous sayings and the continued enjoyment of dressing up as a girl.  Today I found him and Z getting married only adopting the opposite sex.

I am delighted say he still hasn't lost the urge not wear cloths, but his new sayings are alittle worrying, they resemble more and more like those of a 70's porn star:

'Cum on LAYdies!'  Swiftly followed by, ' I'm a dude',  followed by 'hey Laydies'  always thrusting his pelvis out with thumbing a lift style action with both arms.

Continuing his 70's style Disco king stlye I have now become 'Lady Mozel'.  He always says this whilst striking out in a Saturday night fever pose,  God know where he gets it from.

He obviously continues to enjoy entertaining us as he often tells us, 'I am hilarious'

We are currently anchored off the Island that American Survivor programme was set on and filmed and as its now Sunday evening the whole of Panama super-rich have left of there Sport boats and left the place to us and one other little sailing yacht.

The fish are jumping and there are more pelicans than we have ever seen before.  The given is that an abundance of fish leads to lots of pelicans. We are loving the fact Cosmo thinks they are a 'Flap of Peli's'

Cosies energy levels continue to dumfound folk we meet and often conversations are started with said stranger about the possiblities of controling the energy.  Coffee at night,  a no protein diet.  no sugar, or
sugary cafeen loaded drinks, sweet really.  but we have found one off switch with the little monkey and that is a film.  Sometimes for your own sanity it's essential.

He continues to run rings around us but because he always comes out with some sharp line he gets away with far too much,   lucky for him Zinnia thinks he is hilarious and love hanging out with him.