Bulkhead repair 16:13.5N 61:32.0W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sun 28 Feb 2010 19:26

Pacific Bliss Bulkhead repair 2010

March 2010

Carried out by Mathiue Bonvoisin 0690 39 41 82 MB Yacht Services.  Has previous experience repairing Catana bulkheads (Alidade Catana 50) with aftersales team from France.

Symptom: Forward bulkhead on port and starboard side showed a deflection on the port side and a crack on the starboard side.  When initially made the Nidacore sandwich was not ‘capped’ which introduces an inherent weakness in the bulkhead.


Rigging slackened off and veneer removed.

Port side door shape is changed in corners and glassed up to the deckhead.  Veneer is replaced on plywood and the doorway made good.

Starboard side the bathroom wall is taken off and the same operation of ‘capping’ the bulkhead.  Bathroom is made good with spayed gelcoat.

Port Side:

Formentera 016_sml.jpgFormentera 014_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 003_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 001_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 002_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 041_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 229_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 004_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 005_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 009_sml.jpg


Guadeloupe 019_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 020_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 225_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 224_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 223_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 021_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 022_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 227_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 023_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 024_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 025_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 026_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 027_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 030_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 037_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 028_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 039_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 040_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 226_sml.jpgGuadeloupe 228_sml.jpg