Portobello 09:33.53N 79:39.74W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Fri 26 Nov 2010 13:06

We have just arrived in the historic harbour of Portobello. What an amazing place, steeped in history. Its an open harbour with now=thing special to recommend it on the chart, but on arrival you can see signs of history everywhere. Forts on the hillsides command views of the bay, still intact with cannons as if the Spanish have just popped off off for a cup of tea.

Spanish Gold and Silver came from Peru to Portobello to be loaded onto galleons before sailing to Spain. Francis Drake came here to sack the town and you can imagine the fighting ships all over the bay. Capt Morgan also came here, but I can't remember what he did. We will report.

The church in the town is the home of the Black Christ and there is a festival each year when his is carried through the town.

Pictures and stories of our exploring later