DAY11 20:47S 169:46E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Thu 6 Jun 2013 19:36
Position 20:47S 169:46E on 7/6 @ 0500NZST

Wind SE 15-29kn Sea moderate

Almost there now barrelling along with just the jib up overnight. Still seem to be getting there quickly enough. Had 10+kn under the hulls last night, so took the main down for more comfort and not to break anything on the home run. Sea state a wee bit bumpy so not the quietest of nights but hoping that will all change tomorrow eve. oh to be still.

Caught a lovely mahi-mahi yesterday and the kids helped bring it in. ate raw with soy sauce for old times sake. yum

will fish again today before arrival and maybe have something to give to the village when we arrive.

aye aye

It 7am in the morning the light has just really got up. Just had a quick scout around only to discover 'Land ahoy'. I've never been so relieved or excited suspect my terret's with abate and Colin might just shed a tear when he's next up. 20miles to go and rocketing along under only the jib at about 8knots. Not the smoothest of nights as we've a right-old butchers sea. But just now, just this minute 'who cares', we're within spitting distance of slinging the hook down and being calmly tucked way behind a very precious reef.