Inside job

Rich Carey
Thu 6 Sep 2018 04:57

Moved more inside today.

Can see 'CHA CHING' 100 meters away, and 'La Pecadosa' just arrived (big blue mono that was next to us, first time outside MaiKai yacht club in Bora Bora). 'Intrepid' (Tim), is moored at one of the Islands about 5 miles away - probably won't catch up with him. Steve, his crew man is now ex crew man, back in Australia. No sign of 'No Rehersal', so maybe they weren't following us after all! No sign of the Swedes on 'Ultimo' either. Left Bora Bora two weeks after Raftkin and Bare Feet - now in front of them. Heard today that Chris (Bare Feet), hit a Bommie in Tonga - no leaks but must be a bit of keel damage.

Started the jobs. Took off the side netting. It's all stained so just needed to hack it off and bin it. Thought cutting it off would be a quick job ... took two hours (!) as it was so well fitted by Karen.

Sat poorly on my nav station seat this morning, and snapped it off again! I'll get a proper metal plate made for it, when I get new stainless brackets made to replace the rusty ones on the liferaft holder, and boarding ladder hanger.

Got my Aussie visa.

Ordered the Australian Navionics Charts SD card from New Zealand. It'll be here in a week.

Hope to be talking to someone tomorrow for deck  pressure cleaning + stainless polishing, and to see what can be done about the white cockpit seats which need sprucing or recovering. Also need the new hot water tank fitting, and some wood rejuvenation work (sanding and varnishing). I could do almost all the work myself, but then I'd just be working solidly, instead of out enjoying a little bit of Fiji for at least a couple of days. As it is, I have a heap of bits and pieces work to do, all over.

All's well on x86, leap frogged the pack as expected.

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