Anchored with VictoryCat

Rich Carey
Sun 30 Jul 2017 06:45
39:18.400N 003:00.750E

Excellent 2 days with our older twin. They hosted us for dinner, both nights. Tim is a real expert with his 13 year old Seawind (which he's owned from new), and Ruth is an excellent cook.

Lots of swimming, and Chance fixed a leak on one of the paddle boards - already!

Found one of the Zinc's falling off the starboard sail drive! Located a bolt that will do for now, to reattach it. Used one of the 'spare air' mini 5 min emergency air tanks, to stay under water and get the job done quickly.

VC are now going to the marine park isle for one night, and then they'll follow our track up the coast to Palma.