Two anchors out

Rich Carey
Thu 27 Jul 2017 07:24
39:51.828N 004:08.760E

Awesome ancorage called Cala Coves, rated the best on the island. The day before, I cycled to it, as a recce. Cool 26k ride, made easy with the gocycle :-). The recce showed it jammed up, without an inch to spare, so didn't expect to get in, in next morning.
When we got there in the boat, we expected to look and then move on, but a couple of boats were moving, and a perfect slot opened up. Bloody miracle. Dropped the hook, backed x86 in, and tied two lines ashore. Darn hook didn't set - blast. That would normally mean starting a not so easy tie on process, from scratch. Instead, Chance and I took the backup anchor out in the tender, and we managed to set that pretty well. With light wind forecast, we were good for the night. Great day swimming and getting used to the paddle boards.