Dead fish, scared fish, black fish

Rich Carey
Sat 20 Jan 2018 00:08
18 23.176N 64 30.820W

Haha! Found a dead flying fish on the front deck, tucked behind the mast. Probably been there for ages, so well stiff. Picked it up by tail with two fingers and tossed it to Chance at the helm, who full on caught it, without realizing what it was. He nearly left his skin, rapidly thence ejecting evil fish over side, and giving me the evil eye :-)

After provisioning, we motored over to Cooper Island, and found the two resort restaurants still closed for repair - no worries as we were, yep, provisioned. In evening, the boat next to us were shining their torch in the water, and making the fish  around them jump. Haha! Chance got out the Rich Carey 115,000 Candela Big Bertha ... Wahoooooo, he had half the fish in the BVI jumping for their lives and a dozen yachts thinking alien abductions were taking place.

I got stuffed at Cluedo again, so I'm not playing anymore ever again never no way thanks for asking bugger off.

Due to tender stinker engine being a bit crook, got out the Torqeedo  super duper eco backup tender pusher. Mild conditions, so worked a treat. It's so quiet you can hear Bosun fart. He gets a bit nervous in the tender, is all. Well, there's the marinated chicken I suppose.

Swimming off the back. Spotted shark like thing. Got out quick. When I was sure I was safe, I gave warning to Karen and Chance. Don't worry, I wasn't being a save yourself chicken - I figured that if I made the boat in one piece, I could chuck Bosun in to save the others!

All's well on x86, in fishy situations.

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