Deluged in Jost Van Dyke

Rich Carey
Mon 15 Jan 2018 14:11
18 26.641N 64 45.015W

Best beach bar yet. Yes I know I sound like an alcoholic, but when life is about being in bays and Marinas, it's the bars and restaurants that grab your bum, but a coldie in you hand, and get you appreciating your lot. Foxy's of Grand Harbor, Jost Van Dyke, has done a great job of rebuilding, while most are still four posts and a tarp.

We really feel the charter world here. We arrive to few boats, loads appear later, same loads disappear first thing. We've chartered a couple of times - much to see much to do, limited time, move move move. Livaboards however - like stay, no like move.

Bit of a Bosun heaven, this one. Loads of beach, three friendly dog reso's, and he's free to roam around Foxy's without the standard 'no dogs' ambiance.

Chance enjoyed some paddle boarding - first since the Med, as the bay is sheltered from the very persistent trades. Still getting the heavy short bucket dumps half a dozen times a day.

Finally managed to acquire 'Blade Runner 2049'. Watched. Enjoyed. A bit slower than I expected, so your average Star Wars 'blast a trooper every five seconds' fan, might be disappointed. Graphics as good as ever for modern sci-fi, story a little OTT, but also a little confusing. Confusing however, is better than bog standard, shallow, or Trump IQ. Digging Harrison Ford up wasn't necessary, in this, and in Star Wars, I think it's time he took a fatal one for the team. "Thanks for your service old fella, hurry along there now".

Also watched episode 10 of 'Star Trek- Discovery', so I've spend a few hours lately off the boat, off world in fact. Karen came sprinting into the cabin, waving her arms frantically. I had the hatch wide open, but the light screen pulled across, and we were under deluge. How could I know what was happening in Jost Van Dyke, when I was on Discovery' facing down evil space people!

Discovery is pretty good - they haven't descended, yet, too far down the human emotions garbage track - too often a stand-in for a decent idea/storyline. Except (spoiler), in 10 they made Tilly the parallel universe captain, which was tiny amusing, but mostly Trump IQ. I may write to Jonathan Frakes, to see if he'll table the idea of Tilly, also taking a fatal one for the audience.

All's well on x86, briefly dampened by recent deluge.