Melted in Malta

Rich Carey
Thu 6 Jul 2017 15:13
35:53.286N 14:31.214E

Warm days, so with Chancy still getting treated for heat sores, we battened down again with AC on. Wonderful, amazing, arrival to Valletta. Such a stunning place, with history in every pavement crack. Walked the old town when it cooled. Finally - got our EPIRB programmed. Finally - bought a liferaft holder and got the raft bolted on the back where it should be, and out from under our feet in the saloon.
Hired a 'super golf cart' for three hours and had fun following a GPS trail all around the capitals 'The cities'. Throughly good stuff ;-)
Victory Cat has some visa worries, so they left after two days. Not sure when we'll catch up with them.
Looking good for the return to Sicily tomorrow.