Broke dog

Rich Carey
Mon 30 Oct 2017 11:53
Tough guy never even whimpered. We we're doing a bit of energy management sprinting around, and he skidded and snapped one of his claws. It was late on Sat, so only got to Vet today, and the broken bit had fallen off, exposing some raw inner stuff. He's much better in Vet's than when he was a puppy. Took his clean up, stinging anti septic sprays, and two injections, like a champ, although I did have his head in a vice lock, so he couldn't bite the vet! Fortunately it doesn't hurt him to walk, so I didn't have to hump his 25kg for the mile to the clinic.

Made an appointment while there, to get yet another health certificate for him, this one will be for St Lucia, where snouty snout will be in for its next treat. His 'I smelled the world', trip, will be stepping up a treat.

All's well as big November approaches.

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