Flying again

Rich Carey
Tue 19 Dec 2017 13:57
We don't turn aside the chance to expose our bottom. x86 is back ashore, for cleaning and various tweaks and repairs.
We slightly jumped the gun on getting ashore, as it then took us two days to find a villa to rent. Karen stayed at a hotel 100m away, and Bosun and I stayed aboard. We built a big wood pile at the boats stern, and gazelle Bosun could easily bound up and down. Not an ideal arrangement, but we got through.
Now we are in a rented villa on a hill overlooking Rodney Bay (14.066791,-60.948805). A bit isolated (from facilities like restaurants), but dog friendly, so we are fine here for 10 days. Chance arrives from UK on the 21st (day after tomorrow), and has a choice of two bedrooms. There's a pizza place at the bottom of the hill, bit of a haul back up, but fine as the pizza there is awesome and they have 'Piton' ;-)

Progress on the boat is slow (hopefully kicking off today), so we go down every day to ensure that the jobs haven't stalled. We hope to be wet and sail ing northwards on the 27th - ish.

No plan of destinations yet, other than an anti-clock direction, Island by Island, towards Jamaica, then south to Panama. Will soon start to think about distances and weather windows for Panama to the Marquezas. That is another long hop, to be carefully planned - that weather window planning, will dictate the speed of travel towards Panama. Unfortunately, Galapagos is a no go, due to Bosun, but no worries, you can't catch everywhere. The bonus there is not having to jump through the hoops that the Galapagos authorities put on boats.

Alls good, on x86 in the yard.

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