Prop wrap in Marzememi

Rich Carey
Wed 5 Jul 2017 12:44
35:53.284N 14:31.217E

From Siracusa we chose to hope down to a small harbor  called Marzememi, just north of the jump off point, to cross to Malta. The Malta straights (or Channel as sometimes called), is a bit of a funnel. If you don't want to get kicked around, this is a good one to weather watch carefully.
Marzememi was really nice. Small and peaceful in the harbor. They gave us the tightest of tight spots, but Cats are great at manoeuvering, as long as you take it easy and keep your nerve. No probs, and the harbor master gave us a big thumbs up for our skills :-)
We walked to town, and the tourist area was mobbed - horrible - so we legged it back toot sweet and had excellent Pizza at a small restaurant near x86.
Next day we left at 05:30. Then stopped at 05:30:15. Prop wrap. Blast. Wetsuit on and in I went. Water was warm, so I need have bothered with the rubber. Took about 20 minutes to clear the prop. Left at 06:00. Victory Cat, which had anchored overnight, about an hour ahead of us. We're well on there way by then. We trailed them by 7 miles for the rest of the day.
Crossing was pretty good. 2 meter swell, so we were going way up, then way down, but the angle was kind, so no slamming. Wind was semi kind, with slight assist, but motored all the way. Just under 9 hours later - woohoo - Valletta Malta - awesome place.