Boat works galore

Rich Carey
Thu 13 Sep 2018 19:51
Deleted the last update, just after finishing an hour writing it ... unbelievably shock horror annoying!

So, previously mentioned work, hoped for, is now in full flow. 10 hour days with me and usually two or three yard workers (the cheap labor here are Indians - and they're good), grafting away in rather sweaty conditions. I'm super pleased with the last three days work:

1. Had the stainless steel brackets fabricated, and I fitted them today. Horrid rusty stuff begone.
2. Removed all the port forward shelving, that held
the two electric bikes, diving kit etc. Had a new custom split shelf made for the area.
3. Filled a number of screw and bolt holes from various mods I'd made (all now gone). Bringing the boat back to pristine new.
4. Three days of extensive work on all external stainless steel - now incredibly shiny!
5. Three days of sanding and varnishing on internal woodwork - looks very nice.
6. New base plate for nav station seat.
7. Thorough clean of both bilge hatches, and bilges.
8. Removal of custom shelving, and monitor brackets above main bed.
9. Removal of the 'workshop' (vice and storage boxes).
10. Took the BBQ complete to pieces and gave it a 'super clean'.
11. Removed several rusty items such as the line driver. Renewed all screws (source of the rust), re-sikiflexed everything and made good as new.
12. Disposal of a lot of now unneeded gear ...

Unneeded gear ... Karen has tought me to put 'stuff' next to the bins, not in the bins. Real crap, does go in the bins, but then again, 'crap' is relative.    
The bins are only 30 meters away, and I had several loads. I take the first two loads over, but on arrival with the second, I find the first load has gone. No one around. Same happens again. I'm getting a bit weirded out, as there's no one there - so I hide on the boat, peering out of a side window to see if I can spot someone leopard crawling too and from the bins - nope!?
By the 5th trip a security guard has spotted me and he goes into full-on acquisition mode, and is immediately joined by staff from the two little Marina shops, and a couple of general workers. Then a couple of Yachties join in and it's become such a frenzy that I decide to wait untill after dark to continue, in case I approach with more bounty and in the frenzy, loose me togs! I did on last visit, notice that the two wheely bins (of 6), that were marked for general rubbish (as I'd been using them for), had gone missing ... seems like someone wanted to pick over my 'absolute rubbish' at their leisure!

Before moving on from boat works, my self fitted 'super' gas alarm has been proving itself alert and able. My work buddies have a ton of interesting chemicals in their boat fixing arsenal, and my alarm has been talking to me about them, very loudly.

The bar has been quite entertaining. I've met people from all points global, all points IQ, and all points expert on Trump and Brexit - and then there were the inebriated.

Briefly left the marina, on a 7k cycle to a hardware store, for a simple dock tap adapter. After 5 years a boat owner, traveling multiple countries, I have dozens, all in fact, except of course for Fijian. I acquired as planned, although the highway traffic tried to kill me, so I circled back via B roards. Ha, the B roads exist only on Google maps, the reality being that a Fijian B road is a 4 wheel drive competition stage. However, if I hadn't taken the far less traveled, I would never have seen the ugliest cow in the universe!

In fact I briefly left the marina twice. The second escape was to an Indian restaurant. Four of us headed off and had a great - beer or two too many - dinner. Arriving back at the marina, my boat was nearish the marina entrance, while my fellow Indian eaters were the far side - requiring a tender ride - right past my boat ... As they rode past, I found myself waving to them with one hand and a high pressure hose in the other ..... Hehe.

All's well on x86, now in possession of Aussie charts to go with Aussie visa.

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