Jetty setty St Kitts

Rich Carey
Fri 5 Jan 2018 15:55
17 15.041N 62 39.533W

Awesome sailing at the moment. Fair zoomed up to St Kitts. Anchored off, near a rich toys Marina, but well away from town. Three mega cruise liners well off in the distance (in town), thank goodness. We are going for off-the-beaten these days, and loving the anchored off lifestyle. Plenty of provisions aboard, but not much beer, so consider anchorage beach bars as emergency stations of refuge. The quiet one in this location, turned non quiet and a bit posh later - not sure where the designer people all came from, but they didn't seem to mind the tab. Our modest one being $200!

Excellent walking for Bosun.

All's well on x86, near poshy emergency refuge.

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