Bored - nothing to do

Rich Carey
Mon 21 May 2018 20:42
Ha, fooled ya! Wakey wakey, it's a boat for goodness sake!

To prove the point, here is my Marina Taina jobs list. I'm writing this update to save me from starting the list:

1. Fix the Microwave base
2. Find the salt water ingress to the Starboard bilge
3. Fix the Nav station security enclosure
4. Replace the worn gib sheets
5. Fix or replace the fresh water pump
6. Repair the Hydrovane tuning rope and re-grease the whole device
7. Fix the electrical shore power system
8. Test the Air conditioning unit
9. Replace the 40L hot water tank
10. Fix one of the starboard gate wires
11. Change the Tender uphaul and hanging system
12. Repair the outboard choke leaver
13. Empty and clean the fresh water tank
14. Acquire new O rings for the fuel tank access panels - check (diesel bug), and clean both fuel tanks
15. Offload and send the mainsail for repair
16. Get ink and paper for the printer to start the doc process for Australia
17. Do the four bags of washing!
18. Get new fenders as some have gone missing
19. Get new/bigger rubber snubbers
20. Replace the rusted anti-surge springs
21. Replace the rusted Liferaft bracket
22. Adapt the anchor windlass for full control at the front, or get a new one
23. Remove and mark the 80 meters of anchor chain!
24. Change the Wirie bracket position
25. Order the new sailbag from Seawind
26. Change the dozen rusted out brackets and screws on the deck
27. Clean the extensive growth from above the water line on the hulls
28. Check the keels (after grounding them!)
29. Fix the still sticky Port throttle
30. Change the Port Nav light (new one too bright - light bleeds through it's own shell - bad!)
31. Lower the watt&sea to stop it cavitating
32. Fix the VHF antenna on the Spreader (get a BNC-BNC connector)

This is what you do on a boat, chip away at big jobs lists in beautiful places.

There's a bank holiday today, so no Chandlers. Seeing this coming, on Friday I went and visited a few, to check availability of parts. I was told at 10:45 that they were all closing at 12:00 and the Papeete (main town), is 5 miles away. That's not far on an electric bike, but don't be fooled by the 'electric' handle. It was red hot, I had to regularly stop to check the phone map, I had to go the long way around as the main highway was too dangerous (even the minor road was chocker with traffic), and it's not flat. Despite peddling like a nutter, I wasn't there until a super sweaty 11:45. So I got to see some bits, but not much. I may return to get parts by taxi, or hire a scooter or something, as I can't see myself doing the bike run too often.

Marina Taina is ok. The website photo's make it look quite posh. It's not posh. It does have three open style patio restaurants, and I located a handy bar stool to park on. I've had two Caesar salads to get my diet back in order, but I think the two big baskets of French Fries did more of the job.

There's a great looking brand new marina in the town, and it's got loads of spaces. It's right next to the shops and cafes and restaurants and not so far from the Chandlers. I thought of moving, but on reflection, it has no facilities and no character. Often the place to be is in the more busted marina's where the boats are so variant by type, age, and condition, that the place feels like a field jumble sale, with water alleys instead of grass. Pure character.

Broke another tooth, and I haven't got that many! The enamel broke off a slightly off front facing tooth - I didn't even know that was possible - maybe it was an earlier repair patch that's broken off. So I'll need to find a dentist - complete pain in the ass (yes there's an obvious come back there!). These guys a pure robbers with their charges for private patients. "Please have a seat sir, in this big expensive chair that I'm just about to make you pay for".

No word yet on when Karen and Chance are coming. They'd better not be planning to surprise me, or I'll have the boat in so many pieces (attacking the above list), that they'll need to get a hotel!

The massive storm clouds left yesterday and now it's rather humid. No complaints therein, it's nice and Pacific sunny.

No photo's again, as the Internet here is steam driven and coal's low. Might be faster to print it, wrap it around a piece of coal, and throw it. Thus I'm sending this one by x86 satellite - bronze age speed trumps stone age, or should that be coal age?

All's well on x86, working working working.

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