Wet bottoms

Rich Carey
Sat 13 Jan 2018 16:07
18 25.577N 64 39.509W

Cane Garden Bay - load of balls. One 1 mono in the bay despite 20+ balls available. Problem bay? Tied up anyway. Later there were a dozen, including a 4 powercat group that came in like whacky races. Excellent beach bar restaurant open, where we could sit on the the beach and let Bosun dig huge holes.
Got caught out with the tender. We'd been tying it up at a small jetty, but this time beached at the bar. Later the waves looked like nothing, but on dark a clock launch, we nearly got swamped with a wave right over the whole thing. We well wet, not just bums.

K&C got a taxi to Road Harbor to get dosh and food. The beach towns still have no land lines, so no ATM's, and shops are not yet rebuilt in most outlying areas.

Changed the wing on wing back to the 22m small gyb, and pumped up the paddle board. Cockpit now looking better, as it had become a bit of a storage garage.

Found the reason for the sboard bilge water - another salt water pump failure. When the Port one blew in Greece, I'd had it repaired but also bought a spare :-). Fitted the spare in a couple of hours :-)

All's well on x86, gardening in the BVI's.

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