Big Night at Broken Reef

Rich Carey
Sat 9 Dec 2017 14:40
Surfed briefly at 16.5 knots in the night time. Just once and not on my watch, which is why I'm not now the proud father of kittens. 16 is a bit quick for x86, but the sea state while kicking the heck out of us, is not high enough to cause concern when surfing. Mostly we banged on at 8-12 knots through the night.

The mileage for the last fast 24 hrs, was 203 which is a really fast 8.5 Knots average speed over ground. major new record for x86.

Today I mostly slept when not on watch - catching up, as I tend to stay up to cover other crew when the conditions are lively. With two women aboard, Jorn and I are often doing 50% of the time each. This is not difficult however, as we just lie in the saloon when not officially on watch.

This afternoon they got me up to change the big Propane bottle at the front, and while I was up there, I did a rig inspection. Bugger - we'd been on the second reef for 20 hours and the reefing line had completely chaffed through, without the crew noticing. The mainsail was like a giant sack of potatoes out to one side. As the wind is now declining, and forecast not to blow up again before we arrive, it's not an issue. We extended sail to the first reef and picked up speed again. Almost nice to have something interesting to report. Easy fix in port.

I now see a sail on the horizon. No AIS! I can't understand why people are on the Sea's and Oceans of the world, without AIS. Dumb.

Lovely and sunny, 2 meter Atlantic swell with long period, and still a fair amount of 1 meter chop about. So still rocking and rolling, but we're pretty comfortable. Bosun is a lot happier during the day, and today he looks like his lot is not as bad as some days!

The last few days (before today's dozy day), I've done some serious film mileage on the modern hard men classics. 'The Departed', 'Zodiac', 'Book of Eli', 'The Godfather I/II/III'. Nice.

All's well on x86 with 374 to go.

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