I have news!

Rich Carey
Mon 11 Jun 2018 17:53
No ... I don't mean I have news for 'you', I mean I have news for 'me'. SUCCESS - I finally got the pathetic 2kb internet downloads to work on my expensive Iridium Go satellite box. To be precise: lite.cnn.io which now gives me text news headlines while I'm lost offshore, newsless, wondering if Trump's sunk the world's land masses, and I'm now Rich 'Costner' Carey in my Catamaran (but without the webbed hands and feet). That was a good movie, and I hope if I am actually living it, that the one bit of land left, is Cyprus. Crikey(!), that would be fantastic, as I could change all plans, turn for Larnaca and bee line it in half the distance and a quarter of the time. Just gotta watch out for them 'SMOKEERRSSSSS' !

On the culinary front - I was bimbling around the supermarket, and couldn't find any non frozen burgers, to bbq for lunch. I spotted some vegetarian ones, called 'Hobson's choice ...' and thought 'hmm, I'll try them and see if they would work for Chance. They weren't too bad - 6.5/10. They'd probably hit 7.5 if I knew how to cook them - they being quite dry, and prone to bbq transformation of the black kind.

Managed a decent night's sleep for a change. Sods law meant that it rained quite heavily, so rolled over to a giant wet patch at dawn, under the hatch above me. Normally I wake at the first drop, but I must have been dreaming about swimming the rest of the way to Aus or something. Anyway, with nice wet decks, I got up and gave x86 a good hosing down to remove the Tahitian bird poop decorative finish.

Made a giant bacon sandwich for breakfast, conscious that I'm keeping frozen, month after month, a load of stuff that needs to be used. After breakfast I'd decided to go over the side and check the saildrive anodes. However, between that decision, and the end of the giant bacon consuming, the wind had come up and disturbed the pristine clear water - thus giving me the perfect excuse to abort the mission ;-)

Watched the original 'John Wick'. It's a well done movie, on how to kill lots of people up close with the fewest bullets. But mostly it's about how to get someone in an arm lock, shoot four others in the head with three bullets, and then the one you're dancing with. It's a real thinking man's movie, providing you're one of those that's just been shot. I like it most for the fight choreography, which is a mash up of 'Dirty dancing' and 'Enter the dragon' - 'Dirty Dragon'.

All's well on x86 - Panamanian bacon in Tahiti, what a life!

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