Rich Carey
Sun 16 Jul 2017 09:00
37:47.231N 012:26.450E

Easy 7 hour cruise up, maintaining 7 knots most of the way. Even had the engines off for a couple of hours. We often manage to scale them back, but completely off, has proved uncommon. They gave us a crappy end berth where we jutted out - totally unsuitable. So moved up the line to a better place. Chance is doing all the berthing theses days - natural talent - smooth and relaxed.
Masala town not spectacular, but ok, and plenty of space for the Bosun. Walked the town, and also did a very nice winery tour - just 100 meters out of the Marina gate. When walking through the small boat yard, came upon a Seawind 1000 - unbelievable. That's the second Seawind we've chanced upon in unlikely places - what are the odds!
Now likely to leave after 6 nights (Tue), for 30-36 hour hop to Sardinia. Won't be there for too long (maybe a week), as the Balearic area seems more interesting, and we are totally over Italian menue's. Also got confirmation of a berth in Gibraltar for 5 weeks, which gives us a bit of a date imperative. 1st Sep to 6th Oct. Take a break. Get some boat work done. Get some dental work done. We will be in Ocean Village Marina, where all three of us have done training :-). Will catch up with Victory Cat there, and hopefully start to meet folk also headed for the ARC.