Playing Chicken

Rich Carey
Wed 6 Jun 2018 04:07
If you want to set up a chicken farm, come to Tahiti. They're roaming free all over the place, and the Chickens and Cockerels seem strangely paired, with several chicks always scurrying around after them. There were seven chicks around the bike, so names were obvious, but then one went missing ('Whatever happened to Monday' ?) ;-)

Today Chance put me onto Usenet downloads, and I've been trying for the last two hours to configure a standalone system on my Android phone. Confusing enough on a good internet connection, but in the Marina I almost threw the phone at the wifi antenna. Eventually I biked it a mile to the Town Hall where a free WiFi hotspot was rumored to be fast. It's indeed not bad via occasional speed bursts, but keeps dropping out and breaking my downloads, so I'm now looking for the antenna to throw the phone at. The one good thing is that on the route down here I stopped for some petrol station food. The delivery of fresh bread hadn't arrived, so I bought an unreadable (well French so as good as), packaged half bread stick sandwich with unknown/unseeable contents - yep, a 'food adventure'. Mystery filling turned out to be pork and chips in a red sauce - wahooo ... I felt like Indiana Jones finding the Holy Grail - but a bit better!
However, big smiley face soon tempered by bigger frowney one, when finally giving up on the Usenet stuff.

Yesterday I got the new TV (I fitted in Puerto Rico), wired into the ships stereo, so it's now loud enough to wake and attract over the dead, when I'm watching 'The Walking Dead'. I'm med morred, and they walk dodgy, means I doubt they can make it across my gangplank - so no worries, mate. In fact if I can get enough of them to fall off the gangplang and start thrashing around, they might help get some of those seaweed remnants off the sides.

Also 'kind a' followed through on the previous day's aborted BBQ bit. At first I put four huge gourmet sausages in a frying pan in the Kitchen for breakfast, but the fat was spitting all over the place so switched to the BBQ (bit early for beer?). Very nice outcome. Later I walked to the shop and bought 6 beers to enable me to be able to BBQ the steak for dinner. But while having a pre BBQ beer, a mosquito landed on my fizzog, so I sprayed myself with anti bite on fizzog poison. However, still aborted, as by the time the giant steak would have turned medium, every bug in the marina would have come over for a looksie. The first and second wave would have died taking the poison down, and a third wave would have broken through to the fizzog.

Finished 'The Southern Reach Trilogy' - as bizarre a finish as the whole book was anyway. They left it open for a potential follow up. If my Kindle downloaded it as some kind of misguided automated sequal download, I'd throw a fit, involving device -> wifi antenna.

Chance is working on content to bring my entertainment media up to date, and will be bringing me heaps to help me to get to Australia.  Who would have guessed that it takes 30% wind, 20% diesel, and 50% Netflix to cross oceans these days. He's also bringing a new ships computer as the now 4 years old one, is getting tired, and last year I blew up 2 of its 4 USB ports! Chance will be a little bit of a luggage mule when coming over here in two weeks time, as he'll also hopefully be carrying the new propeller for the Torqueedo. In fact 'two' - the replacement, and the replacement for when I break the replacement.

All's well on x86, but not UseNetting any time soon.

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