Found it!

Rich Carey
Tue 9 Oct 2018 20:54
153 8.817E, 30 18.271S

The lightening that chased for two nights, didn't strike, so the GPS and Plotter didn't die, so I located the Island of Australia without troubles - and came in on the correct coast. My worries of entry timing faded as the tide and currents did reverse, and Coffs Harbor came into view at a most perfect 10am. By noon I was fully cleared into the big Aus, and not long after, I was alongside the bar with a pint of Cooper's :-).

Overall that was a good passage. Bumpy, changeable winds, but sure and steady averaged progress. 6 days only - nice one.

As I approached the coast, I was at the helm on 'lobster pot watch' (saw many and did a big right jink at one stage), when I saw what looked like a puff of smoke ahead. I focused, and 'WTF?!' three big plumes of 'spray' erupted side by side ... Whales! Wow, the first I've ever seen, and after all this way I though I wasn't going to see any. I didn't see much, but I did see :-)

'Coffs Harbor Rescue' answered my Ch16 call, and liased with Border Force. As I came through the outer harbor wall, the CHR guy said he could see me and directed me to a mooring ball. I pointed out that as I was solo and it was breezy, he might have a good view of 'comedy capers' as I tried to manoeuvre and catch the ball at the same time! He then called Border Force back, and they then let me skip the mooring and come straight in - Aussies are so accommodating. BF met me at the pontoon - no dogs, no third degree - the check-in was professional but friendly, and took under an hour. Perfect.

So you get the obligatory 'first beer' photo, but also one of my last afternoon on passage. That has been my living room view, for most of 2 years, and my bed for the 8000 nautical mile Pacific single handed crossing. James Bond is on the TV, and there's a rainbow out the back door - it's been a pretty special place.

All's well on x86, resting before hopping next week, to Pittwater, and then Sydney Harbor.

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