Chance attack on Norman Island

Rich Carey
Sun 21 Jan 2018 11:27
18 19.024N 64 36.877W

Fish story again. Chance is always the tender captain and thus wears the head torch. We've discussed torches and jumpers before. Coming back from the restaurant, we saw a couple of jumpers and then a yelp from Chance as a rather dumb jumper, leapt at the scary light, bounced of the tender rubber side, and almost had Chance eject :-).

Lovely bay this one. Restaurant and bar newly opened and not as pricy as some places. Only down side was the 'No Dogs' sign .... Grrrr! Bosun's better behaved than America kids, and they're all over the place. Poor fella had to stay home.

Ships batteries are increasingly a concern. Down to 411AH this morning on 11v - not good. Will change them (4), ASAP. They're only a year old, and finding ones that exactly fit the spaces is likely a challenge.

Victory Cat should have gone back in the water yesterday, and will come over here for the night. Tomorrow they will clear out at Sopers Hole, and we may not see them again. VC is headed for Panama on a similar timeframe, but via Jamaica (Kingston not Montego, which is dangerously lawless at the mo), while x86 sails via Columbia. There is a chance we'll be close in the San Blas Islands of Panama, or near the Canal itself. We're both aiming for a mid to end March transit to the Pacific. After that, they go north west and home towards San Diego, while x86 goes south west for the month long offshore to the Marquises.

All's well on x86, although Bosun disgruntled.

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