O no, it's a Lagoon

Rich Carey
Sun 17 Jun 2018 06:18
Another big one today, but yesterday first. Got the subaqua gear out and went bottom diving. Took down replacement SD20 collar anodes on a bag attached to my belt, but the old ones were fine. The 3 blade Gori prop anodes however, are totally gone. Hmmm, that'll have to wait as I don't have spares. The damage from the mini grounding next to the airport, are just minor scratches as expected. Will get that fixed (cosmetic), in Aus. Otherwise it was a much better than normal 'marina' dive. Normally to be avoided - a 'marina dive' - can surprise you, with the yacht next door using it's toilet with the holding tanks wide open, or an eco denier flushing bilge diesel! Actually this marina flushes really well, which is surprising as the tidal range is small.

Today I was up at sparrows fart, and got the mainsail reefing all ship shape. When the clew ripped out half way across the big jump, I used the first reef to keep mainsail outhauled tension. This worked, but after three weeks the incorrect angles, buggered the reefing line, so it needed replacing. I replaced it and balanced everything front and back while the day was still cool. Job jobbed.
Then, as it was cloudy so still cool, I started scrubbing the whole boat, roof, deck and cockpit.  It's a big boat in terms of crap facing vertical surfaces - so not easy (3 hours hard labor for one person). Not since 'Bosun' has the boat required such a clean up, but it's been a while, so fair play. But, I had an unexpected break in the middle.
A guy who had been parked next to me three weeks before, suddenly appeared on the dock and asked for help. He'd moved to an anchorage, but was coming back into the marina, as his 92 year old mother was arriving ...... I was of course impressed (in that WTF! manner), and agreed to assist. We tendered to his 45 foot Lagoon, about a mile away, pulled the hook, and headed for the marina. I was on the helm as he ran around arranging the config for arrival (lines and fenders), but didn't like it much. These big Cats have a fly bridge, so you are way high, and feel way out of contact! On our Cat you are right in the action, and I'm quite comfortable bringing her in single handed, if it's not too windy. Close in, the owner took the helm and I did the lines - nice - normally I have all the pressure no matter what role I actually have. That said, you can't be a skipper and not feel very responsible for everything that happens. We squeezed her into a very tight spot very professionaly :-). Then I went back to scrubbing :-(
Being, after all that scrubbing, a very sweaty individual who needed a hoseing down, I headed to x86's shower. Hmmm, that jest a few days ago about toilets had bitten me - it was a bit broken! So being as I was in need of a good rinse anyway, I dived in, fortunately not requiring subaqua gear. Fixed.

Later I got a free beer from Mr Lagoon 45 at The Casablanca bar happy hour :-).

All's well on x86, knocking over the jobs and cleaning like a nutter, before the family arrive