Jammin with the Venezuelan

Rich Carey
Sun 18 Mar 2018 13:10

Getting in an art, getting out an unknown. Photos speak. Yes, these were for specific jobs, not just self torture!

Two days ago we were measured, billed, and queued in one day. $2009 for a single day activity. Ouch. Date to move to the Pacific - 26th March - well acceptable.

The process goes like this:

At 16:00 on the 25th we leave the marina and motor for an hour, anchoring 1.5 miles from the canal entrance, for the night. Then an advisor and 3 line handlers will come to the boat at 05:30. Then we spend the whole day moving: going upwards in the Atlantic locks (3); motoring through the Gatun lakes and river; going down the Pacific locks (2). We should be in the Pacific by 17:00, and in a Marina before dark.

Lots of cruisers hop onto boats going through as a form of 'practice'. It's become the sort of thing that people think is necessary, but I can be bothered. For me it would just lessen the experience, as when you're crew, your relaxed, the world isn't on your shoulders for a change. Then when you've done it, you're relaxed on your own boat. But isn't nervious energy and mild stress, a big part of what we call 'adventure'?
Anyway, I've got it covered two ways. I went through via YouTube, and on Tuesday, Sebastian is going with another boat, so he'll have some knowledge.

Meanwhile the jobs list goeth good. We are cracking some of the long term nuisance jobs, like salted up hatch handles, and wrongly plumbed external shower (Seawind managed to reverse hot cold). We've also acquired and cleaned two 200 liter barrels, which will be assisting me across the Pacific with their contents of Diesel. Also painted the Suzuki outboard lid bright red (anti theft), and put x86 on the tender 4 times (also anti theft). Was supposed to climb mast today to fit new VHF antenna, but it rained - awesome excuse to postpone.

Sebastian and I work from 08:30 until 13:30 and then go to the pub for lunch.
The last two days we've gone back from the pub at 14:30 for a rest, then headed out into the forest at 17:30. The rain forest here, has monkeys. Little but bloody hell can they make some noises! First day was a blank, but today we had a dozen of them in the trees right above our heads - marvelous. The local forest here was part of the US coastal defense of the Panama canal, and there are gun batteries returning to nature, all around. Weird/dystopian/1st person shooter game type environments. Well good fun to explore - bats and everything in the deep underground tunnels :-)

Last night the cruisers organized a music night. People turned up with random instruments, or sang. Some were not too bad, but some were the wrong side of ' fingers in ears and - "nah,nah,nah,nah,nah,nah" '. I thought the local monkeys might have turned up, as they make a lot of noise as well!

All's well on x86, Houdini certificates issued.

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