Mersin Turkey

Rich Carey
Fri 3 Mar 2017 14:11
Tracked the container ship to Mersin. Left Karen and Bosun in Cyprus, and flew to Turkey just ahead of the ship. The port clearance would be 1 - 2 days. Not! Seven freaking painfully days came upon me. Wrong hull number on bill of laden, original docs on board instead of in my luggage. Checked out and back into the Hilton, three times, after false starts. Very painful.

Eventually cleared, and started engines to motor 5 miles to Mersin Marina. Port engine - no exhaust water blowing. Unbelievable. Took a chance and revved it to max. S or bust. The pressure pulled the water through - great relief! The port departure felt like an episode of Colditz. Got to the Marina just before dark (no mast - no lights).

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