Off to New Caledonia

Rich Carey
Wed 19 Sep 2018 22:57
Whew. Departures are the hardest part of single handed sailing.

1. Do all the paperwork and get cleared with customs and immigration.
2. Prep all corners for slipping.
3. Hop skip and jump around all corners, casting off.
4. Drive the boat out from between neighbors, watching fenders don't get ripped off.
5. Maneuver onto the fuel doc with side spring, then sprint forward to throw lines.
6. Fill port fuel tank, while nipping below constantly to check fill progress to catch it near full, to prevent blow back.
7. Drag big fat fuel hose across boat and full sboard tank. Repeat dives down below.
8. Clean any diesel spilt, and pay bill.
9. Cast off and leave marina.
10. Motor slowly forward - Bring in all 10 fenders and stow in locker.
11. Collect and bring to cockpit four mooring lines, from the corners, plus spring line.
12. Coil and stow all five lines.
13. Set proper course, and commence journey.

Cream crackered knackered or what!

But then there was the lovely singing ceremony to send me on my way :-)

All's well on x86, after a very fruitful visit to Fiji.

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