Bosun 'Spare Rations' Carey

Rich Carey
Fri 24 Nov 2017 08:10
Karen says "currently your forecast for the 20th Dec in St Lucia". Hmm that (hopefully) is erroneous. I guess there is some algorithm based on current pos/speed/direction. Due to the head winds and lulls abounding/due, I'm hustling due south, not east. West of Cape Verde is where we are currently pointing (!), as I don't want to get caught in the wave state the head winds will bring, for the next three days, to our East. We are already getting kicked around at only 5 knots, so it's likely worse for the boats to our East. The problem is that we are burning fuel. I've been using fuel very cautiously, which is why we have been dropping back in the fleet. We'll continue to punch on south today, picking up a few degrees easterly whenever we can, and see how it goes. Worse case scenario with this tactic is that we'll pull in at the Cape Verde islands for fuel in 2-3 days time. Hopefully not as that would be an additional time waster. This weather is weird.

A few days ago the power drain of 4 people aboard (mainly the expensive power drain of the water maker), was concerning me, but now we are so much under motor, that concern has evaporated for the moment.

Karen says "Hope you don't need to eat 'spare rations' ". So far no food crisis on the horizon, but will keep you posted on that!

All's a bit bumpy on x86.

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