x86 with 386 nauticles to drift

Rich Carey
Sat 5 May 2018 19:23
08:07.436S 132:36.166W

Bombing along like a floating log. The wind deserted, late evening, and now my choices are to motor (did that for two hours and hated it, so off'd them), to log it (dead downwind and let the swell take me (hate that, as the mainsail flogs back and forth), or head in the wrong direction again. So here I am, headed north east, instead of east south east, at a lousy 5 knots. But it's peaceful without the donks. It's a shame that the trades are screwing up my desire to cross in 21 days - now we're looking at 22/23 although the wind will pickup a bit tonight, and be back to 'brisk' for the approach to the Marquesas.

I haven't yet zoomed in and looked at pilotage for Hiva Oa, it may be necessary to slow down for the last 12 hours, to assure of a daylight arrival, as I don't know the place and will need to anchor. The moon will also not be a good size, or arriving at an illuminatingly useful time.

Nothing is otherwise happening, so let's not waffle.

All's well on x86, temporarily renamed 'Drifty McDrift face'.

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