Rock paper scissors chain

Rich Carey
Fri 20 Jul 2018 21:39
16 30.719S, 151 46.263W

Moved to a nice area for a bit of a swim for a night or two. Caught a rock for dinner. Had a tough night, left!

What a palaver. We crept into an area with coral heads everywhere, and anchored in 3 meters. During the night, the wind swirled and wrapped the chain around a big bommie. Two times. No, not twice done, but two complete circuits of chain around the same rock. That in itself is not a huge deal, as it was shallow, so we could likely swim and unwrap it (but not super easy, as the chain is heavy and hard to drag when swimming). Or, I could get the dive kit out. The real issue was that the chain draged and scratched on the bommie (all dead so no eco disaster), and that reverbs up the chain and makes it sound like the bottom of the boat is being ripped to shreds. It also reduced the chain scope and catenary effect - so yank yank yank, groan, creak, drag, grindy grind, Scratchy McScratchface, all blasted night long. So much for idilic Pacific island life, that night!

In the morning we snorkled off a small boat wreck, and then successfully swam the chain off the rock. With great enthusiasm we left the area!

All's well on x86, bommie very happy we left.

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