Stealth poop

Rich Carey
Tue 10 Oct 2017 11:34
29 19.011N 013 11.233W

It's got to be time to get back to blog posts about sailing, but this topic is, according to email sent to me, of import to many. So to conclude the 'series', for we have a conclusion, this is 'the one'.

This morning I was on the dawn watch. When the sun came up I took Bosun on 'walkies' to the front of the boat to try and encourage 'activity'. As I approached the front, loyal hound behind, 'shock horror' a large and solid looking poopie lay before me! Last night just after dark I was lying on my bed and I heard him trot past above me. I jumped up and gave Sebastian, on watch, a bollocking for not paying attention, and allowing Bosun up front on his own, AND in the dark. So, that was when the deed was done - stealth style. No explosion, no screaming poop covered humans, no nothing, pretty much an anti-climax, but at least a happy ending :-)

All's well, in fact land is now well in sight.

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