Bosun wee's a Dorado

Rich Carey
Sun 8 Oct 2017 03:50
33 45.006N 009 09.941W

OK, the subject should have been two sentences.

The wind picked up and started knocking us about a bit, which proved the final straw for Big Bladder Bosun. It was, I estimated, an approximately 2 minute wee, in an absolutely most convenient place, right next to the salt water washdown sprayer, in the sboard back corner. Man o man did he get some praise. No sign yet of any more serious activity - fair warning that a report on that endeavor, may come with a health warning!

I was down below when Tim gave the alarm "FISH ON" was the bellow ... it's kind of like someone shouting 'Fire' just way cooler (pun intended). Anyone awake goes into action mode, slowing the boat, grabbing the 'fighting waist belt' (or whatever the rod holder you wear is called), and responding to the cries for assistance of the person on the rod. I was handed the rod, being the fishing newbie. Took just 5 minutes to haul in an 8kg Dorado. Bit of a kerfuffle getting the brute onto the boat, and humanely dispatching it. "Rich let's get your photo with it" ... WTF! Why do people do these stupid killing poses? "don't be ridiculous!". We catch fish because we eat fish - it's a job, not some glory BS. We had Dorado for dinner and put three future meals in the freezer.

All good on passage to the Canaries.

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