Posh bay

Rich Carey
Wed 25 Jul 2018 22:48
16 29.369S, 151 42.20W

After jet ski mania place, we cruised to the far side of the island, where all the hotels have their super expensive over water huts. As we started moving we heard our friends on 'Barefeet' and 'Raftkin', talking on the radio, so we chipped in, found their intended destination, and synced up. I've been leap frogging with Raftkin since Gibralter, and with Barefeet since Tahiti. All three boats came from the Med, and all are headed to be sold in Sydney. The cyclone season dictates strongly the calendar, hense we've been close a number of times, moreso with Raftkin: Gib; Lanzarote; Las Palmas; Rodney Bay; Panama; Galapagos; BoraBora.
Here was the first time all three boats had been together, so we had happy hour (3), snacks, and snags on x86 - a really good catch-up fun evening.

The wirey has been useful several times since acquisition in Puerto Rico - normally requiring a meal ashore to get a password, then stealth leeching. Here in this bay, the Four Seasons Resort has unprotected wifi, and it ain't half bad. So we will be here for a few days. There's nothing much to do, but it is pretty. We tendered towards the reef, but it's so shallow that we grounded the tender a few times, so not much to see - just plain sand bottom, but good holding for x86.

Barefeet and Raftkin left today, as they have no wifi and want to clear out and continue west, end of this week - the clearance takes a couple of days - so they've gone back to the Maikai where they can use the clubs wifi. I'll no doubt see one or the other again, at various places before we all hopefully make it to Sydney (they are all Aussies).

All's well on x86, leeches one and all.

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