Mersin Marina

Rich Carey
Thu 9 Mar 2017 14:26
What a contrast to the port. The boss of the workshop and his main man strolled up and welcomed me in. Lovely first class Marina. Time to rebuild x86.

Seven rainy days later, a small team had reconstructed the mast and hauled it aboard. I assisted, while also spending days scrapping of the ship transit and port crap. Man it was thick, but x86 was white again.

Things were looking positive and everything except the radar worked. Unfortunately the Dubai team had cut the cable and it's not the sort of cable you can solder back together. Tremendously shielded - it was toast. Later I replaced the whole thing with the latest Raymarine Chirp tech. I was happy with the outcome.

Big thumbs up to Haken and his boys for the work ($2.1k for three days hard work). Also a thumbs up for the Dubai guys (Ghantoot Marina), who dissembled and packed the mast and rigging. Huge job and they didn't loose even a screw, and they marked the parts wonderfully.

Time to move.

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