The Gringo

Rich Carey
Sun 1 Apr 2018 01:19
8:54.827N 79:31.243W

Marina (Flamence) - freaking expensive. The idea being that as others are less good, you are clearly 'premium' and charge accordingly - hmm! Anyway, good place to leave the boat alone, as another adventure is coming.

The tide here in PC is ... noticable. 6 meters is quite big, (by general standards - as places like UK have up to 15), especially since x86 has at best seen only half that. The gangplank from boats to shore is of wildly differing angles, from 'ok' to 'flippin heck', depending when you are venturing out and what shoes you're wearing.

So, off we went to explore Panama City. Not much to see really, but they do have a Metro, and Sergio and I love Metros. In Moscow we always raced the other guys in their taxis, to the annual party, and we always won. The PC metro was good. However the places to see we're so limited we spent the afternoon in a giant mall! No worries, we all had things we wanted, so enjoyed ourselves.

Prior to finding the metro, we were in some Town square and an old guy obviously looking for a score ,approached:

Old guy: "hello sir, where are you from" (not such an original Gambit)
Me: "Afghanistan"
Old guy: (pointedly looks me up down) - "well you look like a fucking Gringo to me" ... And walks off -brilliant!

So PC from a touristy perspective, was a bit of a bust, but we did find the shop that had my Pacific Islands charts waiting - so I'm now charted for good sailing - but of course there is still that human factor.

Marina WiFi is crap, but a reasonably close bar has me 'sorted mate' ;-)

All's well on x86, Gringo still sort of sane.