Rich Carey
Wed 12 Jul 2017 05:15
37:5.852N 13:56.723E

Easy 11 hour crossing back to Sicily, and the surprisingly nice marina of Licata. After the concrete and stone torture of Malta, for Bosun, here we had a lovely sandy beach for him to dig holes in, and us to cool off. Stayed three nights instead of the planned one, which means that Victory Cat is now far ahead. Very good Chandler just 50 meters away! Small, but with all the right brackets, for this amateur fabricator. I built a tablet holding arm above the main bed, and now have an alternate film watching place, plus can monitor the boat. As a comparison of costs - Malta cost us 1000 Euro for 5 nights (pretty exclusive marina), while the Cat next to us in Licata are paying 3600 Euro, FOR A YEAR!

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