Rich Carey
Sat 20 Jan 2018 12:48
18 21.286N 64 35.004W

Played spotlights in the dark again. Not many jumping fish, but we had both spotlights up and shining on stuff. One stuff was the nearby hill, but better stuff was our wind generator, of which the strobe gave us some awesome stop motion visions :-)

Forgot to mention that on Cooper's Island, Karen fell off the tender, again, while climbing onto x86. Unfortunately I was 100 meters away, swimming back to the boat and missed it. Bummer, as Karen falling off the tender is always such a highlight ... I did hear the scream though, so there was that :-)

Bosun not so keen on it here. He's become accustomed to nice grass or golden sand to do his business. Here it's rock and shale, so he registered his displeasure with a lack of business on two  separate 'business' trips.

Watched an oldy goody 'Kill the Irishman- SPOILER ALERT: in the end they kill the Irishman.

Mopped out both bilges, as we're still getting a little water ingress. Quite minor, but slightly annoying, so I'm a gonna find im leak. Might be fresh water, from a pipe leak somewhere, hence the full mop out as I need to dippy fingers and taste wetness, for clue. Nope, not talking about Cluedo, never.

All's well on x86, leaking but not even nearly sinking.

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