Cluedo ass kicking - again

Rich Carey
Sat 13 Jan 2018 18:39
18 27.075N 64 43.442W

Just loving the tiny day hops. Less than an hour to Little Jost Van Dyke. Too short in fact - I only just finished an enroute job. The newly wound on small jib, was wound on wrong - UV protection strip on the inside - DOH! Had to completely unwind and rethread the furler rope by hand.
Short hops also mean less time on engines to make water and top off the Batts. Sometimes means running engines while static.

Bit exposed, but these mooring balls are proving good. Up to half a dozen boats on site at one stage, but only two of us stayed overnight.

After marina to marina hopping all summer in the med, Chance had specifically requested anchoring, which by coincidence is good, since marinas in the Caribbean are few and mostly busted. This our 16th consecutive day at anchor/mooring ball.

Went ashore for a bit, on a small wild beach, where waves break through from the other side of the Island. Bosun impressing, by actually getting his feet wet, with a spot of shallow water paddling.

Played Cluedo for the fifth time. It's a thinking man's game, so not sure why I totally suck at it! Chance has all sorts of strategies going on, but he sucks at it also! Karen keeps winning, because Chance and I keep getting disqualified through incorrect accusations! The problem is, there's not much luck involved ... I might give it up, as it's making me look stupid!

This morning went across to the dingy dock belonging to the local bar, the bar that isn't their anymore - just mangle and matchsticks. Walked around to a landmark called 'bubbly pool'. Waves break through a boulder gap, to a small pool,and come gushing in as frothy waves. We had it to ourselves - most excellent.

All's well on x86, making water.

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