Bora Bora

Rich Carey
Mon 16 Jul 2018 21:19
16 29.978S, 151 45.371W

Nice easy cruise for 4 hours (being chased by 'No Rehearsal'), up to and through the single pass into BB. 'NR' went leftish to the BoraBora yachtclub and hovered hopeing for a mooring ball, we went rightish to the Maikai yacht club, and immediately picked one up in a great position (closest but one boat, too happy hour :-) ). Four night for $50 - nice.

This stop we can describe as ' Nights of the drums' - 4 nights of a group consisting of around 20 drums, banging away between 18:00 and 22:00. This is festival month, and they we're practicing for competition - awesome sounds coming across the bay at us - we went across and watched them one night - very impressed was us.

Tried to hire a car- failed. This place has a few small cruise ships around, so cars get prebooked. This turned out lucky, as we went on a tour instead. We do our share of tours, and have always been lucky - small numbers, good activities - this one  (boat), followed the trend. First we did a coral garden swim - pretty ordinary. Second was a swim with 'Eagle Rays' - really good. Third place was a swim with tons of Reef Sharks and regular Rays.  Fourth was another coral garden, but this one with a big scary moray eel. Fifth.stop was a swim with four big Lemon Sharks. Sixth stop was a small private island for lunch - just the three of us - tablecloth, waited on, chicken, pork, and three fish dishes.
The whole six hours was a blast, and there were only 5 of us on the boat (we paid more than an average tour - always worth it so you don't end up on a full grockle boat!). The other two only did half day, hense our private Island lunch bit by the end
Swimming with the sharks had sounded ominous, but thousands do it every year, so we went for it and it was a bit epic.

A few good beers on the evening happy hours were had, and we had a catch up with 'Barefeet' who came in two days after us.

All's well on x86, all limbs still attached.

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