Muscle stress testing

Rich Carey
Tue 28 Aug 2018 22:35
15 21.668S, 171 58.830W

Mobile white knuckle yoga for three days, has you feeling like that first gym visit in 10 years, where you're unwisely over enthusiastic. Winds 20-25 constant would be fine, but the sea state is unusually unreasonably unruly. The big swell is as it should be - regular and back endish - but ugly side slammers turn orderly nature into a riot. You move around like you're in building Number 7, just after Chaineys' given the order to 'pull it'. Don't get me started.

I took some photos. Very disappointing - they completely flatten the scene and make me out to be a girly on a stool screaming at an attacking mouse. One photo looks like a flat tranquil sea stretching away to the horizon - WTF (!) - it's actually a 3 meter wave, rearing up 3 meters off my ass. Geeze Louise.

To save all that reefing balony at dark o scary clock, I took the mainsail down to the third reef in daylight, and thus passed under American Samoa during the continuingly brisky windy nighty, without undue stress on the rigging or the bonce.
Luckily I'm not sinking any more. In St Lucia I'd fixed a Seawind factory screw-up (last year blog post), but not completely. Massive squeeze pressure, forces water between the hulls to go down the bilge pump outlets (manual and electric) - they don't seem to have sufficiently strong non return valves. Yesterday I lay on the kitchen floor and disconnected the pipe from main offending 'electric' pump (actually I lay on the floor for part of the time, the rest, I hovered briefly above, and body slammed it on every 4th bronco wave). With the pipe off, I sealed it with a dowel bung, and happily, solved leaky leaky on sboard side.

It's now been 9 days since I left Bora Bora, and I've still not seen a soul, or heard a peep out of the VHF. If it wasn't for the occasional arrival of an email, I'd have to assume the world sank, and it's again, just me and Costner out here.

Watched 'The Hateful Eight', yet again, again. It's just such an incredible example of 'artistic brilliance', no matter if you hate the subject matter, satire gore, or story. There should be an entirely separate annual awards body for the film industry, to prevent a film like 'La La Land' being called 'Best Picture' of its year (yes Karen, I have watched it, I checked), while 'THE' wouldn't even go forward in its year. You watch THE, not for the way someone gets shot, but for the camera position, for the dialogue that misled you the seconds before the shot, for the twist that made the shot nonsensical in the moment, but o so important in the plot. Tarentinos' attention to detail on his set piece scenes, puts all other choreography, in all other entertainment genres, to shame. For some people he ruins the art, by throwing a bucket of brains all over the face of the person directly behind the head shot victim - but those people just don't get it. Yes there's some dark mockery of the genre, but what's missed is the brilliance (obvious brilliance, because it happens time after time), of the micro alignment of the scenes characters, their relationship, the explosive nature of the build up, the interlace of dialogue misdirection with character expressions.
Maybe one should feel sorry for those that can't see past the superficial. Nah. Think, Peoples - Tarantinos' films have only the world's most talented, famous, and in demand actors in them - there's reasons, and non of them are money.

For dinner last night I had a tin of sardines, a tin of hot dog sausages, a plastic pot of vegetarian pasta mix. Odd. Nice. Not too bad on the health scale.

Had some more ideas for the potential house in Cyprus. Flight Simulator V2 is now not just a sensational cockpit, it has a fuselage! Very excited!

All's well on x86, scary Islands and reefs are shortly in my future.

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