Diesel Attack in not so merry Almerimar.

Rich Carey
Mon 28 Aug 2017 18:15
36:41.881N 2:47.489W

Went first to the fuel doc, as it helps to refuel on entry, so that you can leave early if you want to, without waiting for the fuel doc to open. Had left the tanks half empty, to ensure the new seals were dry and solid. Now filled the tanks to their 160l capacity. Tits! Diesel everywhere :-(. The design of the new access plates is wrong. Unfortunately the tanks are plastic and quite a lot of pressure builds , due to a poorly designed breather pipe system. The diesel squirted out under pressure and we had a gallon is each bilge. More work required, darn it.
Found VictoryCat tucked away, and had a couple of easy days lounging.