Rich Carey
Sun 5 Aug 2018 03:25
16 32.500S, 151 43.858W

Beautiful bay - perfect place to rewatch HGTTG.
Also good for a spot of looking after ones bottom.
I cleaned all of one hull, right down and including the keels. Hadn't been done since Galapagos, so well greenified, and a 2inch green skirt on the waterline. Exhausting work, but awesome clear and warm water. Next day Karen did quite a bit of the second hull, but the chop picked up which made it rather difficult - mostly done however.

Boats zoomed around us every day, to and from the Island resort close by, and grockel boats taking the hoards to a local coral garden.

Ray's swam around us quite a bit - we watched them with caution. Swam heaps, read heaps, watched TV heaps. Really nice being again anchored in only 2m of water.

Nice restaurant onshore, so ate out three of four nights. Great UNO nights as ever.

And on the 5th day, some weather guy said "let there be wind", and we went back to a mildly rocking lifestyle. Naturally when i got up, Karen had a face like a wet Tuesday - so we left, but not without small incidento. On the exit from the bay we had a mild grounding ... Known shallows, so we was goin nice and slow - just scraped for a second and carried on!

All's well on x86, bottom pampered and lightly scratched.

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