Lettuce ++

Rich Carey
Mon 29 Jan 2018 13:11
You need to be in computer science to get that subject title. On one of Chances last dinners before he jetted off back to St Andies, he ordered a Caesar Salad with no chicken, and got just a big bowl of lettuce. Most entertaining for the rest of us :-)

Weather report: cloudy with windy no mothballs. The rain has us playing a kind of window wack a mole day and night. It's like our VFlow fresh water pump - full on or nowt. It does mean that the decks are wonderfully clean - the bits that Bosun isn't allowed to foot print anyway. We can't any longer count the times it's pored in the hatches above the beds and we've fought facefulls of wet, to get them shut.

After several nights of indifferent local bars, last night we found 'Pussers' an awesome English pub. Today we leave. Bummer.

This stop has been both a good rest and a good jobs spot. In addition to acquiring the spare pumps and the fuel transfer pump, I replaced the pressure gauge in the water maker, serviced the wind vane, and fitted an external speaker for the VHF (above my favorite seat, on the back, behind the helm seat). The cable routing was a nightmare - I was for an hour, jammed behind the port engine, and I'm not so flexible these days! It took three hours just to get the cable from the radio to the rear arch, where I mounted the speaker - very happy with result.

Karen went to the airport to wave Chance off, and caught the funny bus back. Amazingly it didn't rain on it - that was lucky!

Today I have to clear-out at unfriendly customs and immigration, pay marina for  'Stinker week', fill boat with O2, and exfoliate from the British Virgin Islands. Next stop - Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas Island, US Virgin Islands. Posh Marina at first, as they have a dedicated customs office so doddle to check-in to the country. They have posh grass there, but Bosun doesn't care, he'll happily poop on the poshest of posh.

All's well on x86, no lettuce in sight.

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