Hooney McHoonFace

Rich Carey
Fri 8 Dec 2017 20:43
Gusting between 17 and 24 knots, so things are lively. Cruising, crashing and swerving at between 7 and 10 knots for the last 24 hours. All feels perfectly safe (we are reefed), but the quality of the Seawind is being tested. The two main bedrooms span the bridge-deck, and the noise and explosive percussion of the compressed fast moving waves right underneath, is amazing. No-one is sleeping much in those two beds. But on the other hand, the mileage to destination is decreasing much faster, so everyone is happy. We've just started our 20th day without sight of land, and arrival at the destination looks to be late on the 12th, a passage of just over 23 days. That arrival is not based on the current hooning speed, so we may be slightly earlier than that. The race to beat Karen to St Lucia, is definitely on - she lands mid afternoon on the 12th.

Poor Bosun has gone from 'I don't like this' to 'I really don't like this' to WTF! But he's holding up - not a lot of choice with that one!

It's now dark a clock and x86 is bucking like a stallion. We reefed down to nos2 before dark, when the wind hit 26 knots fairly persistently, so besides the wild ride, all should be safe for the night. Quite a few squalls showing up on radar, but we only took one brief soaking. They blow from behind us, straight past and ahead, quite quickly.

Another ARC boat is on the AIS plot, the first other vessel we've noted in 3 days.

All's well, but bumpy on x86 in the night time.

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