Spotted a Crocodile in the Atlantic!

Rich Carey
Sun 26 Nov 2017 20:52
Who would have guessed it, but there it is, photographed in plain sight.

Today went 100% as planned. Firstly we did the fuel, using a siphon pump to transfer 80 liters of diesel into each tank from plastic jerry cans we lugged from the forward locker to the fuel filler caps. Took a bit of effort and it's getting warmed down here, so a bit sweaty. Only one cure for that - went swimming.
Then we put the screecher back up. It had partially unfurled a few days ago, so we'd taken it down and had it stowed in the cockpit. No trouble getting it back up, but the wind wasn't strong enough to get it to fly, so it's back on standby.
Most of the day we motored in fuel saving mode, until the Trades came from behind and raised to 10 knots. Engine off, and out with the wing on wing sail. It's not a big sail (each wing is 33 sq/m), but it's a competent and safe, lightweight sail. We were immediately back up to 4 knots with no engine, which is what we need to be doing from now on as we have a reasonable supply of diesel, but not a huge supply. The diesel is now mostly for compensating for battery drop through normal use, plus heavy power use of the water-maker.

Bosun is much happier, now that we are out of the bump and grind of the low that's been dogging (pun intended), the fleet for the last week. He wee's a couple of times and day and second pooped today, so that stuff is now off the concern list.

Crew are happy, especially Jorn & Jill, the Norwegian's, who are proving absolutely delightful company. So to thinks Bosun, who spends a lot of time on the floor in their cabin, not mine! He's a people dog, and wherever the crowd is densest, that's where he want's to be.

Food is awesome. The Chef's of the day set a simple but high standard from day one, and have not slipped down to 'lazy meal' one bit. Every meal seems to have a little something special with it, that elevates plain, to downright nice, like a filler, or a sauce, or odd/interesting combination of flavors.

They don't need me as Chef of the day, as they know I'm always busy, so I plug away at: this blog; weather; fleet tracking; chatting to the odd passing boats (getting few and far between now); the SSB ARC radio network; fixing minor annoyances/breakages; etc; etc.

Today was probably the best day we've had so far (not counting the excitement of the start and the 12 knot surfing overnight that night). This was because after the work of the morning (diesel and sail), we had a very relaxing downwind sail with no engines - our first real experience of trade wind sailing, and we're just getting started with that phase (finally!).

Tonight I'm on 20-22:00 watch (now), then the 04-07:00.

All's well on x86 in the night time.

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