Attempted escape

Rich Carey
Fri 5 Jan 2018 15:57
18 6.320N 63 3.438W

Last walk on St Kitts, and the tender came unstuck from the beach that Karen and Chance dragged it up. Bit weird as the tide there is almost non existent (10-20 cm). Another yacht group in their tender spotted it wondering off, and brought it back. Lucky lucky. We gave them a bottle of red wine.

Marvelous sail for 9 hours up to St Martin, with a 7.5 knot avg. Intended anchorage was a bit exposed so went around the topusendus and anchored in Grand Case Bay. Gobsmacked again, to see a lovely village of 3-400 houses, on beach and hillside, smacked all to hell - no roofs, windows, or owt. Did find three bar/restaurants built out of Irma matchsticks (anchored right in front of them), and will search this arvo, for reputed general store open hereabouts.

The problem with this massive widespread damage (every single building, amounting to many thousands), is that you have neither materials of tradesmen, to help you rebuild. Even the most resourceful can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. Thus 15 weeks after the destruction, these places are tidier (streets cleared), and water/electric is mostly back, but - they are completely unrepaired. They look like villages that we're abandoned many years ago, that are returning to nature - ghost towns.

Our issues pale, but still plague. Today found the source of a persistent poopy smell around back of boat. Rear poop tank blocked. Tank full - bulging full (it's plastic)! When flushing rear toilet, poop pores out of breather pipes which are above water on rear port quarter. Tough one to fix as can't remove discharge pipe to clear blockage, or will flood engine compartment with 200 litres of poop!
There are no days afloat, when life is not interesting.

All is well on x86, but a bit stinky.

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