Pacific Ocean chapter begins

Rich Carey
Mon 2 Apr 2018 23:20
8:54.827N 79:31.243W

Near shock horror - Easter weekend - Chandler's closed despite my absolute need.

So Sat/Sun were minor jobs days. One screw up - I should have done the hull cleaning over two days - instead, I hid from it till could hide no more, and spent 2 very hard hours in the water today. It looks good to me, but to the Galapagos Gestapo ....

Over three days:

Made bracket for tablet near saloon bed (Raymarine monitor).
Syphoned the main diesel tanks, back to full
Hand fetched 100 litres of flippin heavy diesel
Stocked up on water pump impeller's
Replaced the water damaged Port Nav light
Erected a new 'still temp' VHF antenna
Replaced all food in both freezers (oops!)
Scrubbed the decks
Hand scrubbed both hulls including props
Filled the 660l water tank
Emptied and cleaned fridge (coke can exploded!)
Checked-out from Panama

I also watched the tide. Very nice here (pictures) :-)

Four Chandler's, all crap. But 4 x crap = reasonable. I acquired fuses, bits, bob's, and grommets.

Tomorrow is off (3rd April), to the Galapagos. No wind :-(. However this was always anticipated, hense the 'diesel work'. There's a routine dead zone west out of Panama, and I'm headed straight into it. This will be a seven day motor, unfortunately - at least I'm not in a hurry, so no worries.

I have an 'agent' paid up in Galapagos, so in theory the arrival should be fairly smooth, hull Gestapo aside. The worst thing that can happen is a $5000 fine, for having a 'dodgy bottom', and a middle finger waving you off, as you're ordered to leave immediately. Ha, do your worst, I have plenty of food and water! Ah, food ...

So, on the canal run we blew the 100 amp mains  (Inverter), fuse. I deal with this regularly, but didn't realise the effect on shore power, when connected (it doesn't work). So as I was going away to Cuba for 60 hours, I had a dilemma. Risk over flattening the batteries ($1500 to replace), or save power by turning off the freezers, and risk a full defrost. This dilemma only happens if your away, as otherwise you charge with the engines for an hour a day, to keep the Batts topped off.
The freezers are chest freezers, and hold the cold quite well, but as was evident on return - not well enough ... bugger. Karen did quite a lot of work to get the contents sorted - oops! Anyway, they are full again now, and the $250 to do so, was a lot less then the cost of ruined batteries. Which were ok, in case you were worried!

I will endeavour to blog update at least once during the next week, but I think there will be bugger all to talk about [what movies I'll have watched!].

Spot tracker will be on.

Pacific Ocean chapter begins.

All's well on x86, cleared to move, stocked to move.

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